BELAY 【Clear Gloss】Transparent/Glossy type 【Clear Mat】Transparent/Non-glossy type

BELAY is a water-based strippable paint that can be applied and peeled off to protect interiors, furniture, and other surfaces. It can be used many different surfaces including wood, plastic, tile, and stone to protect surfaces from scratches and dirt and keep them beautiful always. As Japan is a country known worldwide for its spirit of hospitality, we developed this coating paint that anybody can easily apply and peel off to meet the needs for “continually providing comfortable spaces” at various facilities, and for “keeping important and memorable items looking beautiful always”. It is intended for use in a wide range of situations including on high-grade interiors and designer furniture.

How to Use

  1. Use damp and dry cloths to wipe the application surface, and dry it well.

  2. Pour BELAY onto the surface and spread it out to cover all of it. (Single coat: 6~8m2, Double coat: 5~6m2 per bottle) * Protect surfaces that will not be coated with newspaper or masking tape as necessary.

  3. Allow to dry for 1 day to finish.

  4. When peeling it off, use tape or other means to peel off an edge, then pull with a hand to peel off the rest.

  • When using, shake the container well before opening it, and apply a thick coat.
  • Depending on the location where applied, it may not be possible to peel the paint off.
    Be sure to perform a test application in a location not visible prior to use.


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